Schedule of rein for Firefox4.0

The rein theme is scheduled to be upgraded in around the middle of April.

Please wait for a while.

10 Responses

  1. Rob ,25.March.2011 - 1:04:23

    Hi Notiz,

    I love your theme! Looking forward to your new release in April.

    Regards, Rob

  2. Alex ,26.March.2011 - 22:47:29

    Thanks Notiz, love your work!

  3. BG ,27.March.2011 - 22:30:16

    “rein” is the best theme I’ve ever met. I’ll be waiting for the upgrade. 10x a lot.

  4. k ,30.March.2011 - 1:57:52

    love the theme,thanks a lot!

    btw:the icon of searchstatus can be added?

    3x again

  5. vern ,31.March.2011 - 15:00:30

    It’s clean, simple, and beautiful.

  6. ste ,5.April.2011 - 0:51:52

    yey :) it’s a wonderfull theme!

  7. Irmansul ,5.April.2011 - 19:47:03

    Thank you !

  8. KOK ,17.April.2011 - 1:45:36

    давай быстрей выпускай уже:)

  9. yuya ,22.April.2011 - 0:08:00

    It’s my favorite theme !


  10. Mel ,3.May.2011 - 14:49:10

    Please please make an update for FF4! Many of us cannot bear the look of FF4 and Rein is just the best theme ever.

    Thanks, –Mel.